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Mar 12, 2013

House and Lot for Sale in Mactan

Need a house or just want to invest? You're on the right track. I just found out about this last few days, equity is for as low as 3,930 pesos monthly amortization for 3 years.

Contact me ASAP because they are still pre-selling and this offer is only by the end of this month, March 2013. Because, by next month, there will be a price increase... again.

Reservation fee is for only 5,000 pesos on their 6-cluster townhouse and 10,000 pesos on their duplex/twin-house. And I heard rumors about the horizon residences which is not yet opened, the reservation fee is 20,000 pesos.

PUEBLO DE ORO CEBU, located in Babag 2, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
It is just 300 meters away from the highway, near the public market, near the Gaisano mall and bridge to Cordova. At first I thought it was a long way to go because I have never been to Cordova, yesterday was the first time and to my surprise it was just a few minutes drive from the main road.

I was at their office yesterday and their broker/agent introduced their residential village to my friend who just made a reservation yesterday. So scroll down to know more.

Pueblo De Oro Communities is composed of 26 hectares with 3 own gated signature Residential Villages namely:

Model Houses: Kanji and Sakura Model
Twin Homes or Duplex Unit
Townhouses group of 6 units

Main Entrance Gate (20 meters wide)
3 Individual Gate for the Residential villages
Perimeter Fence
Swimming Pool *only available in the horizon residences
Function Hall *not available in La Aldea Del Mar
Basketball Court
Concrete road and alleys,
Concrete curbs and gutters
Landscaped parks and playground

I am amazed with their offer and the location is great compared to other realty like Camella Homes or Deca Homes which also offers low downpayment and low equity rates. Well, I'm not saying that their property is bad or something. It's just that Pueblo de Oro meets my expectation of comfortable living. Specially with their 6-cluster townhouses.

Townhouses group of 6 units

Minimum Lot Area: 40 sq.m.

La Aldea Del Mar Regular = Php 877,000.00 (bare unit)
Reservation Fee = Php 5,000.00

Twinhouse / Duplex Unit

Minimum Lot Area: 80 sq.m

Park Place Regular = Php 1,657,000 (bare unit)
Reservation Fee = Php, 10,000.00


1. Spot Cash with 5% Discount

2. In-House Financing
  • 30% down payment payable in 1 year without interest. If paid outright, 5% on the down payment will be given to the buyer.
  • 70% Balance payable in 5 years with 16% interest per annum or 2 years without interest.

3. Payable thru Bank / Pag-IBIG
  • 20% Down payment payable in 36 equal monthly installments at zero interest.
  • 80% Balance payable thru Bank Financing (accredited bank UCPB)
  • Multiply amortization amount by 2.5 to get Net Disposable Income (NDI) requirement
  • Pueblo de Oro reserves the right to correct figures appearing herein in the event of typographical error.
  • Monthly amortization figures quoted are exclusive of MRI and fire insurance payable to Pag-IBIG or UCPB. Actual figures to be provided by the financing institution.
Sample computation from their Pag-ibig financing scheme.

House Model Area (sqm.) Selling Price Pag-ibig Financing EQUITY Total Cash Required
Buy Back Fin Loan Value 30 yr loan Mo. Amort. NDI Required Gross Amt. Misc. Fee Total Less: Res. Fee Net Cash Required Mo. Payment 36 mos @ 0%
La Aldea Del Mar 40 877,000 789,300 6,069.03 15,173 87,700 58,759 146,459 5,000 141,459 3,929.42
Park Place 80 1,657,000 1,491,300 13,641.50 34,104 165,700 111,019 276,719 10,000 266,719 7,408.86
*red prices are the monthly payments you need.

  1. TCR (Misc. & Equity) to start on Day 30 from Reservation
  2. Loan values are estimates only, subject to approval; Loan amortization does not include fire & mortgage redemption insurance's
  3. Cash Price and Full Down payment terms subject to 5% discount paid within 30 days.
  4. Deferred Cash available for 2 years @ 0%.
  5. NDI = Net Disposable Income (Gross Income less statutory and other deductions)
  6. In-House Fin. = 30% DP (12 mos. @ 0%) of SP and Balance + Misc. Exp. + Others (5 yrs @ 16% p.a. = Factor rate 0.024318057)

For site tour schedule, assessment and inquiries contact me now, and I'll contact a friend for a free site tour.
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